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[quote=misszahara406;1330398]i'm really confused as to what the second half of this pattern means, i've got to the part instep shaping and the pattern goes like this
(k1, p1) 2 (3,3) times,
The numbers before and within the () indicate adjustments for 3 different sizes. For these booties it's probably something like,
Newborn, 3mos, 5mos.

You'll see numbers like this in any pattern that offers a choice of size. Generally you'll see this at the top of your pattern where the instructions begin. They often advise to circle the correct number through the pattern so you won't do the wrong one by mistake. That's a help to some.

So when you check at the beginning for the size you want make sure you do either the first, middle or third through the whole pattern. When 2 numbers are the same it just means that two sizes require the same amount of stitches at that particular point.
Good Luck. Jean
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