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Doggie Sweater help with pattern
Hello knitters,

Hope all are doing well. I am new to knitting and also to this site. I have a feeling that I will be coming here often. I have a question about a pattern in the book by Sys Fredens called Dress Your Dog. Its for a ribbed sweater. This is being done with size 9 regular needles with a size 4 yarn. Question is for the leg opening the author says:

Continue in ribbing, work 8 sts; turn and work 4 rows over these 8 sts; cut yarn and ect. ect.

What the heck does that mean??? How do you work rows over stitches?? And also when they say turn do they mean go to the wrong side.

Please help any advise will be greatly appreciated, its getting colder out there and my little Chihuahua is gunna be a doggie-sicle if I dont get started on this sweater.

Thanks again
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