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Finished Object
Okay, so this isn't knitting or crochet, but it IS finished (feel free to move this elsewhere if necessary).

One of my many craft loves is paper products. I don't get into the whole scrapbooking thing, but I love making books.

This book is made entirely out of recycled things (well, except for the glue and decoupage).

I used wallpaper for the book covers and end pages, decoupaged paper ribbon for the spine, string previously used to secure herbs for the binding, and all manner of junk mail, maps, wrapping paper, calendars, catalog pages, magazine ads, etc. etc. for the inside papers.

Click image for larger version

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Oh, and the "beads" on the ends of the string are what we always called "Indian beads"--they're actually fossils.

Click image for larger version

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The page on the right-hand side below was once an origami (another craft love of mine) lotus flower that I disassembled.

Click image for larger version

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Thanks for looking!
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