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Originally Posted by Suzannetx View Post
I think I will do exactly that and use markers on row 11 as a guide. I ripped it out at work and made the call to wait until after my sleep deprived brain can recover a little and I have no interruptions. I am coming off of 3 12 hour nightshifts in a row with one off tonight and 4 more grueling days. Oh well! So much to knit and so little time. I tell people I wish I was independently wealthy so I could knit socks all day, but if I have to work I am so thankful I have my job. I am a NICU nurse and am blessed every day to take care of beautiful little babies. So a huge thank you to all you ladies and gents who knit and crochet and sew for threads of love for the hospitals. You could never imagine the impact you have. Developmental positioners even help reduce muscle spasticity later in life! Enough rambling; I am off to bed and I'll let you know how it goes tonight.
That's so nice to hear. Thanks very much for telling us that the hats, booties and all the other goodies are so much appreciated. Good luck with the very pretty blanket!
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