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Originally Posted by Olha View Post
Interesting hobby... I just read three Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's books (don't laugh, I am new to knitting) and she mentioned her collection of printed patterns and how to deal with them. I wonder if you have any sitting around? I think you would make awesome pattern books
I have tons of patterns all over the place (since I don't trust my e-versions to be there forever). That's an excellent idea. I might have to try putting them all in a handmade book for easy reference. One thing I'd have to really think about, though, is making them so that they're easy to access and read (i.e., make it so that the book would lie flat when open). Of course, I also like to carry patterns as single sheets of paper when I'm on the move, so making these removable would be handy as well.

Thanks for the great idea.

And hey, reading the experts is a great way to learn, so no laughing from me!
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