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Starting on straight, changing to circular
Hi everyone, I'm brand new to this forum. I'd consider myself an advanced knitter. I found this really cool girls hat at a rummage, it has a wide brim with a knitted flower tacking up the front of the brim. Kind of like a floppy hat. It seems pretty easy to copy.


The knitter started out the rows on straight needles, back and forth, to create the brim. It looks like 3 inches wide, about 15 inches long, or so, were eventually sewn together at the end of the project. To transition from straight to circular, it appears that the knitter did a cast off one, keep one, then transfer those stitches to a circular needle. That row, the transition, has a 'lacy' look,

Does anyone think this method will work? Am I on track? It's a cool looking hat, perfect for my granddaughters. I've been searching all the knitting patterns sites, and can not find anything resembling this.

I know I can recreate it, but I'm stumped on the straight piece, joining with a circular or double point method. It definitely was not two pieces joined together.

Thanks everyone! I hope to get tips and ideas in the future. I've been knitting since I was 10, I'm 52 now.
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