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WIP: "Leaving, Pullover"
I've been plugging away on this pullover since June. Oy vey!
It got set aside for so many projects. But I'm working on it in earnst now...mainly because the center charted panel is not something that can be sidelined for a time, then picked up with any amount of mojo.

This is the Back. My first piece done. The little threads that you see are 16-row repeat markers. The repeat is 32 rows tall...but I mark them off in 16 row increments. Helps keep track of where you are.

Here are my Ravelry notes. I have FIVE WARNINGS in the notes...all about the pitfalls that may occur within the center charted panels. (learned the hard way...story of my life...)

This is the yarn, and the color it really is...a fuchsia-red...I call it CERISE.
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