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Looking for beginner projects after scarfs
Now I feel like I've found a great knitting community, I have a question to ask.

I have recently taken up knitting, learning from youtube videos. I'm right handed, knit continental (not sure if its east, west, south or north, but I heard it referred to as American once). I began my journey on a fully knitted scarf with some left over wool my mother in law didnt get rid of at a garage sale. Then I moved on to practicing knit purl and made a ribbed scarf. I then found a pattern for a scarf with a little more detail, k2tgs, yo's, and ssk's. I made a few mistakes and learned alot along the way but am hugely impressed with the end result. I cant post a link but if you google ava elongated scarf its on a site called j.erin knits. Just incase you're curious or other beginners like me want to try it.

So thats my experience level so far.

The other day I picked up 2 sets of 3mm circular needles which I thought would be fun to use. Im kind of over scarfs, I have a beanie pattern to go with the above scarf which I will work on when I get the correct size needles but I want to do something in the mean time. Im not close to anyone with children so baby clothes will end up unloved. I would love to try a cardigan but they seem quite advanced for my limited experience, and the ones that look like they do suit beginners are more for a petite figure, Im more the cuddly amazonian size . On top of that it seems everytime I see a pattern that says 'beginner' its either too basic and gives nothing new to learn, like a potholder a scarf, or cowl. If its anything just slightly fancy for 'beginner' the whole pattern is totally french to me. Does anyone have any suggestions for projects or patterns I can find online? Something that would increase my skills but not throw me totally in the deep end. Im currently looking for work so my budget doesnt stretch to buying books, or expensive yarns.

Anyway, thankyou for reading my detailed rant, Im looking forward to getting to know you all better as I read and rave more in the future.
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