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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
If you would love to try a cardigan, then why not give it a go? Find a sweater you like and glance through the pattern. Most of them are basically the same and it sounds like you have the techniques to complete them. With many of the instructions, the trick is just to take the steps one at a time and they work out. If there are questions or puzzling directions, you can always come here and ask.
Enjoy knitting whatever you choose!
Thankyou for the confidence boost Salmonmac . I had another look at cardigans and found a couple I would like to try. I bought some mohair boucle wool on special a while back which I was saving for a cardigan but after looking at how much I need for the patterns Im looking at Im coming up about 3 balls short (or 400 yards), I'll check the store I bought them at for more but I think they were on sale because they were no longer making this lot. No need to despair, I will buy some more wool for a cardigan when I see another bargin. For now I would still like to do something with this mohair boulce, perhaps a shawl with some lacy stitches, or maybe I can try out my circulars and make a beanie and arrgh ...dare I say it? A matching scarf. Would 3mm be too small for this type of wool? I also have 3 rather small balls thicker white boulce which would be good for a small project so Im still open to pattern suggestions.
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