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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Mohair and boucle won't lend itself to lacey stitches unless you use really really really large needles. And then you need to keep it to a basic yo k2tog stitch. The 3mm will probably be too small to knit the hat on. The fuzz from the mohair fills in the sts so you knit that type of yarn on larger needles than you'd think. Take a look at the gauge on the yarn label and see what size needles are on it. Then maybe go up a size or two. But once you figure the right size needles a hat and scarf combo sounds like a good idea. Boucle yarn needs a larger needle too, and plainer sts work better with it as the texture comes from the yarn. But a basketweave st is good - k6 p6 for 6 rows then p6 k6 for 6 rows.
Thats really great advice Suzeeq, thankyou. I had a look for guage and needle size on the mohair boulce I wanted to use but it has no guage, needle size or lot number even, maybe this is why it was on special. Ive uploaded a photo of the wool Im talking about. The blue wool is the one I was hoping to use for a cardigan but I only got three balls. The photo shows the details provided for the knitter, the rest of the lable is just brand name and barcodes. The white wool I have 3 balls of, dont know what to do with that, perhaps I could save it for a scap blanket/throw when I have enough scaps at a later date. I will be going to lincraft tomorrow in hope of finding some wool on special, and perhaps some more needles, materials should be rather well priced at the moment given its spring.

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