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Originally Posted by MrsPilgrim View Post
Hi everyone, Im new to this forum but hope to be hanging around for a while. This looks like a fun project to join in on when I have enough leftover wool. Im new to knitting so Im still trying to understand all of the terminology, what does KAL and KH stand for? And what does frogging mean? I checked the glossery but couldnt find an answer.

KH is short for Knitting Help.

KAL is short for Knit-A-Long, or Knitalong.

Frogging is the act of taking your knitting off the needles, and then pulling out the stitches. Some knitters frog just a few rows and then immediately re-knit them correctly; some knitters frog the entire mess and either re-knit it, OR wind up the yarn and call it quits.
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