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Originally Posted by Olha View Post
Wow, you are done already! And I assume all this stuff is gift wrapped and that's why there are no pictures?

I started making a mental list of people and their gifts but it seems like I might not have enough time... So I decided to make small things first and keep it simple. Today, I started pink beaded leg warmers for my daughter's 3.5 y.o. friend (needed some mindless angry knitting cause my kids are too much today)

I hope people would post some pictures. It's a great source of inspiration to see how much time and efforts knitters invest in handmade gifts.
I have posted most of it already over the last 3 months or so. A couple things I am just finishing up though and will post. The twisted stitch hat I posted is for my grandson and awhile back I posted a bright green and yellow hat and fingerless gloves for my dd. I haven't posted the mittens or my oldest grandson's hat, but have posted all the socks at one time or another. I have a sister's birthday in April I usually do something for, a girlfriend in May I do something for, my grandsons both have June birthdays, and on and on so I start doing Christmas stuff around August when I am over most of the birthday stuff I make. I don't work and my husband still does so it is just myself and my yorkie during the day so we talk and knit away the day! He doesn't hold up his end of the deal very well though. He tends to go to sleep fairly quickly so isn't much of a conversationist so I listen to audiobooks on my Iphone and get things done! :0) Oh and I absolutely despise wrapping gifts so they won't be wrapped until the very last minute! If I ever get rich, I will never wrap another gift myself, I will hire someone to do it! lol
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