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Hi Clarity, this site is brilliant isnt it? Ive learned so much in my short time being here, I have decided to go with this lap blanket pattern.

I was looking at shawls and the OH happend to pass as I was considering one and said, "you know you would never wear that". I have to admit I wouldnt wear a shawl, hence I went for the lap blanket which I would get alot of use out of on cold winter days. Ill see how it looks with the boucle wool once I get past the border which I started last night. Im a bit concerned the pattern wont show up very well with this wool, it was a bit of a 'stuff it' decision after looking for two days with no satisfaction. If it doesnt look great Ill frog it and find a lap blanket with blanket stitch, its all good fun and practice anyway.

I've decieded to leave the cardi as my next large project, that will give me time to research well and pick something I really love.
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