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Lots of Beginners Questions :)
Ok, I'm very new to the knitting world, and have started some basic stuff like scarves, but I found a pattern that I was told was easy (suuuure it is! lol beginning to think i'm in over my head already) but I'm having difficulty starting it.

It's a cupcake hat for my daughter, and the pattern calls for size 15 needles (double pointed) but I am having a very hard time finding needles of that size that are double pointed. I originally bought a circular needle thinking I could do it that way but it stretched the stiches too far and it just wasn't working out. So, my question is do I have to use double pointed or does the circular needle work and perhaps i just had the wrong length (only calls for 40 stitches to cast on with)? If I do need to use double pointed needles what length do they need to be?

Sorry for all of the questions-the people I've been learning are also semi new to knitting as well so we're kind of like the blind leading the blind! Any help/tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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