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Originally Posted by aholmes8402 View Post
Ok so knitting with a circular needle is different then your typical knitting with a straight needle? If that is the case for a begginer, which would method would you recommend doing? If double pointed is the way to go, do you have any ideas on where to find double pointed in that size?

Thanks so much for your help-and patience. I didn't realize there was so much to knitting-different stitches, methods, tools, etc....
NO, knitting with a circular needle is exactly the same as straights (the needle does the "work" on both types) it's the "cable" that holds lots of stitches for a large project and a smaller circular would have the same effect (for less stitches) it's the diameter of the "round" project to join in the round. That's where DPNS would come in handy, because you can still knit in the round with the dpns holding your stitches..Make sense? and yes they do make dpns that size (well mine are vintage..) so you might have to do some checking...

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