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Thanks for the advice, GrumpyGramma (haha, funny name!), but I'm committed to this blanket now, even though I did bite off a little more than I could chew (first time on circulars and first project with lots of stitches-- I do love the circulars though!). My cousin's baby will be here in a few weeks, and I'm DETERMINED to give it to her (even if I end up looking like this )! I think the reason I freaked out about it so much is because I knew I would be giving it to her so I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. But after the other night's disaster, I've learned not to worry about the imperfections, because she won't care whether the blanket is perfect or not, she'll love it anyway because I made it with love. I worked really hard on it yesterday and I've gotten back to where I was before I had to unravel so the damage really wasn't too bad. I'm finding it's easier to work on it now if I really concentrate on it. After I'm done with it () , I'll go back to my placemats and maybe work on those dishcloths you suggested. I could use lots more of those! Haha.
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