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Originally Posted by Yarnvixen View Post
I just found your post because I haven't been on KH for a long time. I am in Knoxville and have recently picked up my knitting needles again. I know of two yarn shops: Loopville in Bearden and Yarn Haven on Cedar Bluff Rd. The only other choices are JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc. If you're still new at knitting, I would stick with the cheaper yarns--I'm speaking from experience. I have a small fortune tied up in expensive yarns that are still in my closet because I am not advanced enough to make the garments.
Anyway, give me a shout back when you read this. I would love to meet some new knitters in Knoxville.
Jan Vann
There's supposed to be a good one out in Maryville, too. I can't remember what it's called. Keep in mind that non-chain yarn stores will have stock that's fairly heavily influenced by the owner's preferences, as well as what sells well for that particular store, so it kind of depends on the knitting-culture of the store's loyalists as well.

I'm working in Athens TN and living in Cleveland TN, btw.
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