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Originally Posted by knittysweet5 View Post
Yesterday I was explaining to someone why i felt the urge to donate time, money, and effort in knitting items to worthy causes. This woman then told me it was useless to give handmade 'stuff' but rather go out and by 'new products'. I am confused now, if it's charity and a hobby, aren't I being productive either way? She kinda made me rethink motives/priorities, but then I realized I have compassion and someone if only one person/animal shows happiness/warmth then my task is completed. Thank you.
Does this person enjoy receiving gifts especially commissioned for them, customized, monogrammed, etc? If so, inform her that this is an inefficient way to give gifts, much like giving something knitted is. Next time she receives something like described above, she should insist that the person go buy her some mass-manufactured, non-personal crap instead.
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