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Originally Posted by cheley View Post
Hi.....Not sure how current this post is (I don't get around here as much as I would like)! anyway I too have a box of crochet squares (umm meant for a blanket but I never seamed it) and I would be glad to donate!!! I will watch for your reply
Excellent! Thanks so much, Cheley.
I will send you a PM with my address. I would LOVE to use your crochet squares for a blanket for the children.

Originally Posted by Antares View Post
I have some crocheted squares and a baby blanket to donate, too. If this need is still pressing, please PM me with your address, and I'll send you what I've got!
Wonderful, Antares!
I will send my address to you right away. My contact at the domestic violence center will be so happy!

Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Is there a deadline?
Hi Jan!
No deadline. They always need blankets. The center is located just a few miles from my house, so I will gladly seam together blankets and deliver them. I will stop delivering blankets when they tell me they have enough. I could send extra blankets to other charities I knit for (Pine Ridge Reservation and Yurok Tribe).
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