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Originally Posted by Shandeh View Post
Excellent! Thanks so much, Cheley.
I will send you a PM with my address. I would LOVE to use your crochet squares for a blanket for the children.

Wonderful, Antares!
I will send my address to you right away. My contact at the domestic violence center will be so happy!

Hi Jan!
No deadline. They always need blankets. The center is located just a few miles from my house, so I will gladly seam together blankets and deliver them. I will stop delivering blankets when they tell me they have enough. I could send extra blankets to other charities I knit for (Pine Ridge Reservation and Yurok Tribe).
Hi Shandeh, packaged on on their way...Take good care of my babies!!!!! Hope they work for you, they are from awhile ago when I first taught myself to crochet!!!!

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