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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
MP: Cleaning out the clutter has been happening slowly around here, but I need to speed it up and get things GONE! It's helped that for the last two years, I've told family and friends that I don't need anything for Christmas, so please don't buy me a gift!! What hasn't helped is when I start setting things out to give away and my husband says, "You're going to get rid of THAT? We might need it someday!" Ha!! And he's the one always complaining about the clutter around here!
I hear you Antares, my hubby does the same but this year I think hes getting just a sick of it as I am. *I say this with hope, Skyrim, a computer game comes out in a few days, hes been counting down for months* .He got a new gaming laptop a couple of weeks ago, we only had one computer (I accidently knocked a drink over his a couple of years ago ) His getting a new lappy gave me a computer again and motivated him to clean up ..............HELLS CORNER *must say in deep dark menacing voice*. hells corner is a corner of the lounge filled with boxes of paper work, dust caked computer bits (including old broken computer), his working desktop computer which was hardly cleaned in the two years he had been using it, nor was his desk. I refused to go near hells corner, as far as Im concerned thats his mess and it was just too daunting to organise all his crap and clean underneath it all. Well hells corner is now pristine clean, walls bleached, dust all gone, clutter removed (well moved to another part of the house) and now its my corner, he can take his lappy anywhere. He does still have to take care of that 'moved clutter' though, our deadline is this weekend.

I got 3/4 of my walk in robe done yesterday, a garbage bag full of stuff, a box of childrens books for the op shop, and both of my sons memorable bits tucked away neatly in bags for a day when they want to rummage and remember. Today is national day off day because tomorrow I'm tackling the bigest baddest room yet, "THE DEEEEP DAAARK PIT OF GRIMM, MANY HAVE STUMBLED IN AND NEVER BEEN SEEN AGAIN *thats that deep dark menacing voice again.
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