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Pattern Query help i'm stuck!!
I am currently trying to knit booties for my 15month old.

So far after casting on 30 stitches, I have knitted 21 rows Rib for the top cuff then 6 rows garter stitch.

I then did..

Shape Instep
ROW1 (RS) K20 and turn
ROW2 K10 turn
Work 18 rows on these 10 sts only for instep.

Which I have done so I now have three sections of 10 sts. Th middle one where I did the 18 rows above.

Now this is where I am really stuck.

Rejoin at base of instep, pick up and K11 sts up first side of instep. K across 10 instep sts, pick up and K11 sts down second side of instep then K rem 10 sts, 52sts

Now I started with 30 stiches and now I need 52. I get that I can pick up one along the two sides to make 11 but where do the other stiches come from?

I am so confused and I probably havent explained myself very well. But any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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