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"... where do I pick up the stitches or rather when? Do I K1 M1 K1 M1 etc? Or do I make 11 sts then K10, K10 accross Instep, make 11, K10."

The directions say to "Rejoin at base of instep, pick up and K11 sts up first side of instep. K across 10 instep sts, pick up and K11 sts down second side of instep then K rem 10 sts." So you want to start after the 10sts that have been hanging out on one needle which is now in your right hand, pick up 11sts (not really a M1 but a pick up)along the edge of the 18 rows you knit for the instep, knit across the 10 instep sts, pick up 11sts along the other side of the 18rows and finally knit the 10sts that have been waiting on the left hand needle. It seems that before you do this, you'll need to break the yarn which is still attached to the 10 instep sts put them on a holder or another needle and start with a new end (I think that's the Rejoin part) at the point where the instep joins the 10 sts that will form the ankle of the bootie. Right now your knitting looks like a T and the rejoin or start is at the inside angle on the right side.

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