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...yarn can't feel pain...
Love it! Typical guy thing, make it harder than it really is. LOL OK, not all guys do, and I'm really good at making things harder than they really are.

I've made 3 sweaters, 2 hooded cardigans for GKs and a shawl collar pullover for moi which is really warm and comfy, I hate taking it off, I'm wearing it now and the thermostat is turned down so I'm glad it's really warm. I've made leg warmers on circs and flat then seamed, circs win that one. I love learning new things too, I'm going to try the surprisingly stretchy cast on and bind off. I finally did the cable cast on; for some reason it was horribly hard for me to get. Knitting mitts was fun to learn, I've done 2 pair now.

Oh, if you use short rows, you might like this: It was posted in another thread on anothe of the forums here, I used German short row shaping on my sweater front.
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