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A kitty bed for my Shih Tzu...what????

My Ravelry knitting buddy has a kitty that sleeps on the end of their bed, but she also has a (very expensive!) fantastic Lizard Ridge (knitted) blanket on their bed. Ooops. A kitty and a Lizard Ridge don't always make for a harmonious couple!

So she is knitting up a the cutest felted kitty basket!

Well, I have a Shih Tzu who sleeps at the end of our bed, and a Log Cabin (expensive) knitted blanket on top of our bed. Same scenario. Katie sometimes likes to get "nesty" on the bed, bunching up the covers to make a nest...and I don't want snags in my Log Cabin blanket!

So I'm modifying the Kitty Bed for a Shih Tzu!

Instead of using two strands of worsted, I'm using two strands of bulky (stash); instead of casting on 161 st, I cast on 207 st; instead of a US 13, I'm using a US 15.

Anyhoo, I'm almost done with (chevron pattern!) the sides of the dog bed...and will finish by knitting the base tonight...and then on to the felting process.

I think this dog basket will be perfect for the end of our bed, more so than conventional dog beds, due to it's being lightweight.

Here is the free pattern at Ravelry!

Here is my project page.

Before Felting:
Knitting Help Video Index

I'm Artlady at:

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