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I have the original Samsung Galaxy S phone (Epic 4G) and I got the push for Gingerbread yesterday. It ended up causing a continuous reboot and the only way I could get out of it was to pull the battery and reset the phone to it's factory settings.

It's a pain putting it back together, but I'm managing. I have been having problems with my phone -- slow reacting, frequently locking up, random blank screens, lower battery life, flaky wi-fi -- and so far, all of these seemed to have been cleared up. Having to reinstall my apps seems minor compared to not having those other problems anymore.

I'm loving my phone again -- after spending the last month wishing I was eligible for an upgrade.

I'm sorry you're having problems, ArtLady.

After reading your post, I'm glad that I had to reset the entire phone if that made the install cleaner. I'm using this as an opportunity to clean up my phone and rearrange the way I had my apps and to not download ones that were only cluttering my screens.
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