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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Nonny, I love the Yorkies! Never had one, but several of my friends do! They are such sweethearts! You're right...they're not low-maintenance! But worth every hour, every dollar!
We have THE most unusual yorkie though. He never barks unless he wants something from us. He doesn't bite, nip, snap ever. I have stuck my fingers down his throat to put medicine in him, prodded his eyes open to put medicine in them, the doc gives him shots and such and he never moves or whimpers. He never yips and yaps, he is quiet as a mouse unless he wants us to let him out or it is feeding time and he insists it be the same time every morning, unfortunately that is 4:30 AM so if it isn't out there to eat, he lets me know about it as he has digestive problems so his food is homemade by me! lol My dh gets up at 5 so that is where all this early getting up stuff started I guess. We would love to see your doggy in their bed when you make it.
Jan: Foo is adorable though I would hate to have to try and keep that white fur clean. Does she shed much??? Luckily, yorkies don't shed.
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