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What does my "new" old spinning wheel need?
I just got a spinning wheel from someone on craigslist. It looks pretty old, but it looks like I could still get it to work. There are just a few things I don't know about including the bobbin and flyer.
Here's the bobbin:

The problem is that I can't get the bobbin off, and it seems like the whorl is glued in.. It makes me think it's only for decoration but it looks like it's been used too. The bobbin twists where it's at and the whorl does kind of too.. I'm thinking I may need to get a whole new flyer and bobbin?

My next problem is underneath the bobbin.. here's a pic:

It's a metal thing, on top it has an F and a B on it. Other than that no markings. It has two bolts drilled all the way into the body of the spinning wheel. Could this be because it broke and they were trying to fix it? Is anything missing that's crucial to spinning fiber?

Also, on the treadle one of the attachments to the leg is broken. Is this that big of a deal? Here's a pic:

The wood seems to be stripped away, so even if I did get some sort of screw in there, it wouldn't work. I have spun the wheel using the pedal and it seems to work OK without that being connected.

I have one or two more things, but I feel like this is getting long so I'll stop. One more thing though, it's missing the drive band. Can I just make one out of string or something?

Thanks for any help anyone can give me! I really appreciate it.
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