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Knit Picks Needles
When I got my first set of Knit Picks Try it Set, I broke the very tip off one of the acrylic needles and I emailed Knit Picks about it. I said the needle was still usable but had a flat spot where the sharp tip had broken off. They emailed me back and said they were sending a new set of the same size acrylic needles, no questions asked. I call the great customer service. I got an order today from them that I made last Sat night. I bought size 5 and 4 Harmony tips since I do not have those sizes, and I bought 3 balls of the Swish wool in black and two in the Gulfstream color. The black is for me to make some mittens for myself(to use as part of my uniform as a crossing guard), The Gulfstream color is for my grandson who is in Va.
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