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ok, now don't laugh at me, but I live in the woods in the Canadian north, right?....and I'm surrounded by people who are really "into" the green living thing, which means using as little electricity as possible because they believe that electricity costs are going to skyrocket out of the roof, and the rise has begun already.

Our monthly electric bill is around $175 now (bad), and some of the 'greener' than us people keep theirs under $100, closer to $70.

The monasteries we frequent also use very little, they heat with propane gas, and have solar panels. In fact, they are at the moment designing a new meditation hall, with the help of my hubby, which will be very low in cost to maintain.

So those of you who are so used to plugging things into a socket and sucking electricity out of the grid....can you try to think as I am learning to? What if your power grid goes down, or becomes so very costly.....?

This is my reason for thinking hot water bottle. I hope I won't have to heat the water over an open campfire, but this would, if necessary, be possible...

I do believe such things are coming, like it or not....but slowly. Many people in the west here believe that we can simply keep on eating up the earth and its resources without limit. What a shock those people will be in for....soon enough.
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