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Originally Posted by Woodi View Post
ok, now don't laugh at me, but I live in the woods in the Canadian north, right?....

So those of you who are so used to plugging things into a socket and sucking electricity out of the grid....can you try to think as I am learning to? What if your power grid goes down, or becomes so very costly.....?

This is my reason for thinking hot water bottle. I hope I won't have to heat the water over an open campfire, but this would, if necessary, be possible...
No laughing here. I'm used to going without electricity from time to time after a hurricane. Honestly, I like the peace and quiet I get from it, no TV, no phones, and everything stops at sunset... there is a certain serenity in the old ways. I don't over romanticize it (who really wants to go back to outhouses, chamber pots, or turn of the century medicine?), because there is much that is useful in the modern world. But we would definitely benefit from embracing what was good in the older ways of doing things... Just my two cents on the subject.


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