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Casting On
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double knit cast on question
Hi I'm new to double knitting and I registered to this forum just to ask this question. I don't cast on the way I have seen anyone on the net do it in videos. I started before I saw any videos and so I did it my own way. I love the long tail cast on and I improvised it to my double knitting. I slip knot both colors on my needles (I cast on on 2 needles) separately and hold my yarn the way you do with long tail with 1 color over my thumb and the other over my index finger. I go under the thumb yarn over the finger yarn and through the thumb yarn like long tail. Then I go under the finger yarn over the thumb yarn and through the finger yarn (backwards of what I just did). What ever color my last stitch was is the color I go under and that makes a stitch of the opposite color and that helps me to keep from getting lost. What I am wondering is the name of this cast on method because as I said I can't find it. It's possible that no one uses it because it does not work in the long run, and if that is the case please tell my why because it seems to work in my learning samples, but I'm a newbie and a more experienced knitter may understand things I don't. Thank you for reading.
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