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I hope that everyone has been having a good holiday! We started shopping right after we left my mom's house on Thanksgiving and ended up staying up all night. It wasn't what we planned, but it worked out well since we have nearly all of our shopping done. I made a lot of progress on my oldest DS's scarf while standing in line at Toys R Us. (The only really long line that we had all weekend.)

Green Pastures looks beautiful!

I bought some yarn for Flower Path and will be getting back to that this week.

We are looking for more knitters for our newest snuggles too:

Starry Night:
1. susauehl
2. bugsyblacklab
3. calimama (after Christmas)

Green Pastures:
1. bugsyblacklab
2. susauehl

I'll take the third spot on both snuggles; then Starry Night will be ready to send to calimama after Christmas. We still need one knitter on Starry Night and two knitters for Green Pastures.
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