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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
That's ridiculous. I can understand they have to have limits in some ways, but the library? And really we DO pay something for most ebooks and very few are lendable. They probably get less lending at all because who's going to lend out their ereader?!
I did...(raising hand here!)...once. I loaned mine to my daughter so she could read Sarah's Key which is not a book one can loan. I figured out how I could send it from my Kindle to her Kindle and in the process offended the Kindle gods. She couldn't open it because she didn't have my Kindle address at the time. What she got was a message saying she had received communication from an "unauthorized person". I sent her my Kindle address, but when I tried to send the book I couldn't do it a second time. I'm probably on a "She Who Offended the Kindle Gods List" for life!

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