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Blanket pattern - don't understand square w/ cabling
Hey guys, I'm taking a look at this pattern (need to be on Ravelry to see it), and I'm a bit confused by the square with the cabling on it since I've never done cables before. The chart for one of the rows says " C 3 L C 3 R" (it looks like it spans 6 stitches). According to the pattern, this is what C3R and C3L mean:

C3R (P2 and K1):
Slip 2 to cable needle - BACK
K1, P2 from cable needle

C3L (K1 and P2):
Slip 1 to cable needle - FRONT
P2, K1 from cable needle

Problem is, I don't know what that means. Lol. If C3R and C3L each take up 3 stitches, then why do you only slip 2 stitches onto the cable needles? Why does it say to purl 2 and knit 1, but then you knit 1 and purl 2 from the cable needle? Can someone help to dumb it down for me? Thanks!
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