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how to secure latch-hooking on a knitted piece?
I've just finished my first knitting project, a hat with kitty ears, and I was just wanting a little advice on how I should finish something off on it.

I added some pink yarn onto the ears after it was done using the latch-hook method. I know that is mostly used for making rugs, but it was suggested to me by my mother (who used to knit and crochet a long time ago) as a way of adding the pink instead of knitting a small triangle and stitching it on afterward. I do love how it looks with the yarn latch-hooked on, but the trouble is that I want to make sure the loops of pink yarn don't get loose and fall out over time, especially if it's ever washed.

What would be the best way to secure the yarn in place? I started hand-stitching it with a needle and thread from the backside, but I don't feel like it's securing it very well. I wonder if it would have been best to just tie the yarn on with actual knots instead of the latch-hook way, and I could take the yarn out and redo it this way, though I would rather not. My mother suggested fabric glue or superglue or something like that, and I don't mind if it makes the piece stiff as it's on the ears of the hat and they need to stand up anyway. I just wanted some advice before I ruin the hat I've worked so hard to make, especially since it's a present to someone who means a lot to me.

I have a picture here to show what I've done with it. I'm sorry for the bad lighting, but it was the best I could do!

Thank you so much!
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