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Originally Posted by Ingrid View Post
Do they seem like they want to fall out? Latch hook rugs don't fall apart, I have to wonder if your ears would (great idea, btw.)

If you used wool, I really don't think I'd worry about it since they will kind of 'felt' to each other when the fibers are in contact for a long time.

Even with acrylic, I think they'll probably stay in place on their own.

If you wash it, do it by hand rather than in a machine; or if you do use the machine, put the hat in a bag.

Worse case, if a piece should fall out, you can just put it back in.
The yarn I used is all 100% acrylic.

A few of the strands on the edges have come loose a little bit, but not too bad.

The only reason I'm worried about it is because this is a gift for someone who lives far away and who is important to me. I can definitely tell him to hand-wash it if he ever does.

Think I shouldn't do anything at all?
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