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Originally Posted by Hsiaokuo62 View Post
I know I have seen several like this, a scarf with a "slot" (like an extended buttonhole) so that one end of the scarf goes into it and it snugs up nice and warm on your neck. I just can't find one now! Anyone remember where they've seen one? I am started on a scarf and I just want to review the giant buttonhole thing. I get that you bind off the middle part, but on the other side of the buttonhole, how do you cast back on?

If anyone can tell me this, that would be good enough also!

Kung Fu Knitter is knitting again! After a loooong stretch of crocheting....
Hi I have done the "bow tie" type and the "slot" type...As of now, I started a scarf and decided to add a little something to it..So I looked thru my Stitch n Bitch book and Debbie has a great pattern for a "key hole scarf"..What I did is get to a point on my scarf where a "SLOT" would look good, divide the stitches in half, cast on a new ball of yarn and work with two balls of yarn...very easy..BTW, I am working with scraps, so all my rows are different....but same concept!

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