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My husband has raised honey over the years, and this is the first time he'd come across the subject of fermented honey! It was surprising. His honey never did that, but then he never took the honey until after the bees had capped the cells, and everything was ready to go from the bees perspective. And we used our honey ourselves...didn't sell it, didn't give it away.

He was shocked that some beekeepers would rob the honey before the bees were done curing it.

Oh my, your honey jar was bulging and the honey was foamy! Eww. I'll bet you were shocked.

Thanks for posting! It was a learning experience! I was glad to learn about it.

Bees are such amazing little creatures. My husband lost his bees due to some virus that is killing bees all over the country. It's sad. Especially devastating for beekeepers that make it their living. They've lost millions.
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