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Pattern Problem :/
This may be a stupid question, but I'm trying to knit this scarf and the pattern says cast on 35 stitches provisionally, then Row 1 is K6, (ssk, yo, k1, yo, k2tog, p4) twice, ssk, yo, k1, yo, k2tog, k6 and Row 2 is K6, p5, k4, p5, k4, p5, k6. My problem is, when I get to the end of row 1, I'm short 6 stitches! I don't understand where I'm going wrong, I'm not dropping stitches, and it's not a pattern mistake because no one else seems to have had a problem. I'm still pretty new at this, so I'm sure it's something I'm doing. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it!
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