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I understand this mentality and believe most men, especially the older men, whether they are aware or not, use this behavior toward women.

They have not been taught how to talk and reason well with their peers, let alone females. Since they have no knowledge of or how to openly talk they use this as a way to shut females down. If we shut up (and ignore the elephant in the room then we can just go on tiptoeing around it) they don't have to deal with the issue at hand. Life continues to go smoothly for them the way THEY want it too.

By nature we all are selfish, but this mentality has really made men selfish in that things must be a certain way most of the time (their way or no way). When we buck the system, we are labeled as rebellious or worse.

The phrase, "Stop, just calm down now", does more to set me off probably more than anything. After 36 years of marriage we have finally learned to talk to each other and that's sad. Our marriage could have been so much better throughout the years if we had just learned to listen instead of talking.

My question is, "Although the man that wrote the article seems to understand it all, does he continue to gaslight certain women in his life?
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