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Originally Posted by Lighting57 View Post
I understand this mentality and believe most men, especially the older men, whether they are aware or not, use this behavior toward women. . . .

My question is, "Although the man that wrote the article seems to understand it all, does he continue to gaslight certain women in his life?
Good question.

I found it fascinating that my 21 yr. old daughter, after reading this article, and responses from women of my generation to it, found it interesting enough to post this on FB about it.

Interestingly enough, she finds it that women (of her age) are doing the majority of gas lighting now. Her comments:

"A man makes a joke, and the woman takes it the wrong way, he's sexist. He opens a door, he's sexist. He insists on doing 'manly' chores, he's sexist. THEN women complain that he doesn't do these things. Sorry ladies, you can't have your cake and eat it too. I feel bad for men."

Is it really possible that the situation has reversed?

And perhaps, have we taught the lesson incorrectly?

I can't say these are rhetorical questions, but rather they are legitimate given the apparent attitudes of the young. My daughter isn't the only young one who has voiced similar sentiments to me.

What say you? I'm trying to figure all of this out...


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