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Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
I just couldn't resist giving one of these adorable critters from Rebecca Danger's book a try. The added bonus to working Coco: getting over my fear of DPNs!

Rebecca uses DPNs for the wee bits of her monsters, and magic loop for the bodies. I used ML to join the legs together, but once the body was established I recast it back to DPN to get some practice working with them.

Finding out that DPNs are more scary looking than working with them really is was almost as good as well, getting what you want for Christmas!
Good for you! I found I actually like dpn's a lot more than I do circs sometimes. It is all practice and I have gotten quite good at them since making so many socks. What put me off on them in the beginning was casting on stitches to different needles, which was a mess then I knitted the stitches back onto the needles that had stitches instead of onto the empty one and quit immediately. When my dd kept bugging me about making her a pair of socks, I found a very simple pattern, "God bless Mary" and it used worsted weight. Following her directions, I was able to make my first pair of socks using dpns and I was off and running. What I want for Christmas costs a lot more than dpns. It is a beautiful house in my hometown where I would love to move back to, but cannot afford it as my dh has an excellent job here. Maybe if I wish hard enough, Santa along with the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and Harry Potter will grant me what I want for Christmas this year!
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