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I've always wondered since cast iron isn't really "cleaned" doesn't bacteria remain after you've cooked meat in it??
That's what builds your immune system, Jan! Seriously though, I don't know the answer, my best guess is that heat kills it. I wash my cast iron in sudsy water, rinse, wipe, dry on a hot burner, oil as needed. Crisco seems to work better IMHO but I haven't had Crisco around for quite a while. Must get some. My cookware is stainless, I don't use nonstick cookware. Originally I didn't use it because it doesn't last long enough for me, I don't like having to use non-metal utensils and would forget, and later I found out it can release harmful fumes--people I knew who kept birds wouldn't allow it in their homes. My stainless pots and pans are about 15 yrs. old now. A few years back someone asked how I kept them looking so good....I wash them? LOL They really don't need any special treatment as long as they are cleaned well.
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