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Let me back up and start again lest one or more of you begin to think that I am a nasty cook. It was VaKnitter's statement about her MIL taking a scouring pad and detergent to her cast iron ware that I first posted about. If you use these two together to thoroughly scrub cast iron it will ruin the seasoned coating and most any thing will stick.

Most of my cast iron pans are for cooking certain foods like breads, (I do use other types of pots and pans), these are wiped or sprayed with oil. After using they are wiped down well with a paper towel and dipped into the dish water, washed with a cloth, rinsed, dried, and heated until dried. I then coat them again with a small amount of oil. I will scour the outside of these pans if needed, but I avoid taking the scouring pad to the inside.

When I use my Dutch oven to cook a roast, it will require more cleaning. I use a spatula to remove the food; and then it is rinsed well with water. If food is stuck on I use water and the spatula to loosen it, even bringing the water to a boil if I need to. Think about how a Chinese take out cook cleans their woks. They use a spatula, scouring pad and running water; that’s all they use between the different orders that they cook. The intense heat does kill bacteria. Back to my pot, sometimes I do have to take a pad (I use the green pads) to my pot when I must, but not often. I then continue as listed in the paragraph above.

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