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I just realized that I keep reading, but I'm not posting anything back.

Take your time on Starry Night, Elizabeth, as we are still looking for knitters to take it after Calimama. I'm still sitting on Flower Path myself -- it only needs to be bound off but this cold weather has me wanting to finish DS's scarf first and I'm not donating it until the end of the month, when I'm off work for a week, so I figure it's okay to wait.

LOL to the bag and paper pad, Pam -- I'm glad you like them! Don't forget to let us know how Jungle Fever turns out!

I downloaded my camera photos over the weekend and have at least two snuggles that I still want to share but didn't have time to edit them. At this rate they'll be well on their way to their new homes before I post the in-progress pictures!

I'm looking forward to getting Green Pastures -- I'll be eagerly watching for the mail tomorrow -- and which still needs additional knitters, if anyone is interested.
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