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Working the Gusset
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Okay, this is a really loose translation. My Chrome browser asked me if I wanted to translate this when your post came up.

The Rib: number of stitches divisible by 4, it is knitted in the round, has reached in a federal or cable pattern until the BŁundchen gewŁunschte length. The heel: The heel is about half the number of stitches, starting with the first Ma, knitted rows in stocking st, ie Hinreihe knit, back row left. Knit as many rows as Ma are on the needle. The cap: The share of Ma heel needle into 3 equal parts. In each Hinreihe the last second of the Ma Third with the first Ma of the 3rd This pattern is knit together in the third of the back rows of the second letyte Ma Third with the first Ma of the 3rd Third li yusammenstricken. (For example, at 24 Ma = 3x8 Ma, 15 Ma re, the 16 + 17 Ma re tog Crossed, contact * slip 1 Ma as the links knitting 6 tog Ma li, 2 Ma li, turn, slip 1 Ma as the right knitting. . 6 Ma re. 2 Ma This pattern, turn. from * 6 more times more, then 1 Ma as the links knitting stand, 6 Ma li, 2 Ma li tog (= 8 Ma). If the machine of the first and letyten third on -used, the Kšappchen is ready. The combination of heel and instep: ... They spread the Kšppchenma on 2 needles and summarizes each side of the Randma along on the heels So you get the connection to the tension at both junctions can be 1 Ma are recorded so that the transition is better. The weight loss across the instep: Now is all about Ma further knitted in the round, be it on the instep of the 1st and 2nd Ma conceived of the cap re Randma This pattern is knit together the two bottom left of the cap last conceived Randma re zusammengestr resist bring in every second round until the original number of stitches (in front of the heel) is achieved smooth re continue to tip... Removing the top: The Decreasing rounds will be determined by the Ma-number by 4 he owns. The machine will be like at the heel, divided into two halves. jewils It is the 2 + 3 Ma re any entwined half knitted together, the second-last and third last-Ma is re usammengestrickt each half. When between stocking first third of the weight-loss rounds each 2 rounds without losing weight lose weight, then in each round draw. The remaining 4 or 6 Ma the working thread, move in together and sew.
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