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Originally Posted by Lighting57 View Post
I finally finished the sleeves and blocked them but had to set them aside when our daughter & gbabies came last weekend for our Christmas get together. They live three hours away.

She brought we two skeins of sock yarn and asked me to make socks for her out of it. One is of multi-colored brights. The other-- you guessed it, a black and gray yarn.

I can not get away from black. And if working with a worsted black is hard on my eyes, you can take it to the bank that a black sock weight is going to be worse.

Anyway, we'll do almost anything for our kids. Especially when we so rarely get a chance to be with them.

Perhaps my sweater will be finished by spring or next fall. If I should manage to get it finished I will post a picture.
How wonderful that they came to visit!

Ouch on the black sock yarn! I just started a hat for my son in chocolate brown yarn, using some bamboo DPN, and I thought to myself that the almost white bamboo made it so much easier to work the stitches. Now that I've transferred it back to my NP circs the glare from the nickel plate gives me eyestrain and makes it harder to see the stitches...

Why, oh why, doesn't someone come out with a white or light colored non metallic powder coat for metal needles? Or maybe I just haven't found them online yet...


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