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any lefties out there?
Hi everyone,

I'm not a lefty (predominantly right-handed but do a lot ambidextrously), but my mom is. I just learned how to knit, still working on my first project, but I feel like it would be really fun to teach her/learn together. She's naturally really good at almost anything crafty, and she used to belong to a women's crafts group at our local Recreation Department before the city totally slashed that budget. I feel like she'd love it. The problem is that when I mentioned it to her, she said that she's tried a little in the past, but she's a lefty and has always been taught by someone right-handed. Which would be the case here. If you're a lefty, do you hold the needles differently and mirror-image the whole process? I feel like just to teach her the basics I could probably switch my process up without messing with my mind too badly, but I can't even imagine how to reverse it for a left-hander. Is there no difference for lefties? I'm too new at this to know much of anything other than what I was taught.
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