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Originally Posted by lori1551 View Post
Good for you, 82 and on the computer... You are something else!! that is just so awesome... I can say you are the only 82 year old I know that is computer literate... love it!!

40 was also a tough one for me... 50 was a breeze!!
Thanks, Lori, but really 'age' is really between the ears. Everyone past a 'certain' age has their share of aches and pains but if you keep your mind active you will never be that old senile, pathetic-looking person sitting and doing nothing but rocking in their chair. I bought my first computer six years ago, it had a lot of problems with crashing, etc., etc., would get on the phone and the company at different times had me actually inside the 'guts' (if you will pardon that word) of the thing,something I never thought I would do. I get around okay on the computer but would never consider myself a nerd let alone a geek. Think young and you will stay that way even if the body says, no. All birthdays have challenges be it 20 or 90. However, 40 was still the 'brutal' one for me. May all of us have many more...
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